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One Component Epoxy Adhesive “PLENSET”

The inquiry about this product

“PLENSET” is a series of one-component epoxy resin adhesive based on latent curing agent technologies which have been successively developed by Ajinomoto Fine-Techno. Thanks to our unique curing system & features, our products play a very important role in various fields such as precision electronic components (e.g. camera module), semiconductor packaging, and car electronics.

Application example of “PLENSET“

  • For smartphone
  • For hard disk

Points for applying “PLENSET”:Excellent drop impact resistance.

Image of Excellent drop impact resistance.

Points for applying “PLENSET”:Impregnation, No outgassing due to uncured separation

Image of Impregnation, No outgassing due to uncured separation

Other assumed application

These adhesive types are available for Electronic components assembly such as optical communications, 5G communications, high-speed transmission devices, sensor component mounting and small special motors.

Ajinomoto Fine-Techno’s “PLENSET” can provide good solutions for customers’ requests such as high strength, high adhesion, high reliability, stress relaxation, and impact resistance by combining the core technology “low temperature curable & high temperature curable” with various function including flexibility, impregnation adhesion, gas barrier, and conductivity.

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Do you have any requests for adhesives and sealants?

  • To cure at
    a lower temperature.
  • To relieve
    the stress.
  • To fill in
    the narrow gaps.
  • To seal and
    protect the gas.
  • Need reliability.
  • To replace the solder.
  • To need a temporary fixing.
  • To dissipate heat.
  • To need transparency.
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We can provide good solution with Ajinomoto Fine-Techno’s core technology.


We create new value
by adding various functions based
on our core technology.

  • Core technology.1 :
    “Low temperature (~80deg.C) curing system”

    You can apply which to heat-sensitive parts or suppress heat-induced deformation.

  • Core technology.2 :
    “High temperature (150deg.C) with fast curing system (a few seconds)”

    You can shorten the curing process.

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Products features & line-up


  • Ultra-low temperature curing type

    Unique low-temperature curing.

    Thanks to low temperature curing, suppression of warpage and deformation.

    Adhesion to heat-sensitive parts and precision parts.

    Image of Ultra-low temperature curing type

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  • Flexible type

    Low temperature curing 30min at 80degC.

    Excellent stress relaxation due to low elasticity.

    Adhesion to dissimilar materials & vibration suppression.

    Image of Flexible type

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  • Perfect liquid type

    Completely liquid type without powder.

    Enables impregnation adhesion to narrow gaps.

    Adhesive thickness can be made as thin as surface roughness level.

    Adhesive thickness controllable to surface roughness level.

    Image of Perfect liquid type

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  • Impregnation type

    Sealing for narrow gap with small amount dispensing without uncured separation.

    Perfect liquid curing system is applied.

    Image of Impregnation type

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  • High reliability type

    Applications for which higher reliability is required, such as high adhesiveness, high toughness, and high moisture resistance.

    Fast curing at high temperature.

    Applications such as optical communication, 5G communication, and in-vehicle equipment etc.

    Image of High reliability type

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  • Gas barrier type

    Sealing for narrow gap with small dispensing amount without uncured separation.

    Protection from moisture and other gases permeation.

    Image of Gas barrier type

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  • General-purpose type

    Employed in various applications.

    Line-up includes refrigeration storage type.

    Image of General-purpose type

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Electric conductive

  • Electrically conductive type

    Galvanic corrosion inhibiting

    High adhesion

    Curing condition: 80deg.C – 60min.

    Providing high reliability by Galvanic corrosion inhibition property.

    Applied for adhesion of heat sensitive components, wearable and flexible printed circuit boards (FPC), and solder substitution.

    Image of Electric conductive type

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Development stage

  • UV/thermal dual cure type

    Temporary fixing of precision component by UV curing.

    Non-UV irradiated areas adhesion by thermal cure (80deg.C).

    Image of UV/thermal dual cure type

    Under development

  • Thermal conductive type

    Combination of thermal dissipation with low temperature hardening. (80deg.C – 30min.)

    Excellent drop impact resistance with low elasticity.

    Image of Thermal conductive type

    Under development

  • Transparency type

    Optical clarity with low temperature curing condition. (80deg.C – 30min.)

    Good yellowing resistance under UV exposure.

    Image of Transparency type

    Under development

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The inquiry about this product
The Ajinomoto fine-techno are a company which bears the core of the fine-chemicals enterprise of Ajinomoto groups including insulating material "Ajinomoto Build-up Film"(ABF).
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