Latent curing agent
Latent curing agent AJICURETM

Latent curing agent AJICURETM


AJICURETM is a latent curing agent and accelerator specifically for use with one-component epoxy resins developed by Ajinomoto Fine-Techno.
It is also widely used abroad under the name AJICURETM.
It is applied in various fields such as electronic component and automobile part bonding, powder coatings, and composite materials such as prepreg.

Ajinomoto Fine-Techno's low temperature curing technology

Epoxy resin curing

Chemical reaction type: Curing occurs when a chemical reaction is triggered by some external stimulus.



Risk of inadequate performance due to measurement errors or non-uniformity of mixing
Measurement & mixing unnecessary

It is extremely difficult to achieve both storage stability and low-temperature curability even with potentiality.

Ajinomoto Fine-Techno's low temperature curing technology


Added value provided by low temperature curing technology

Increased productivity

It improves productivity and reduces environmental impact by lowering production temperature and shortening production time.


New material combinations

It enables materials that could not be used before due to their low heat resistance to be combined, resulting in completely new devices.


Improved adhesion reliability

Lowering the curing temperature alleviates internal stress due to cooling shrinkage, resulting in high adhesive strength and crack prevention.


Have you experienced these issues?

Using two-component epoxy resin is complicated in terms of measurement, mixing, etc.; using one-component epoxy resin would simplify the process
One-component epoxy resins are being developed, but lower temperature or shorter times are necessary for curing
Pot life needs to be improved
Need to achieve curability, storage stability, and adhesiveness required for one-component curing agents and accelerators

Here is the product that resolves these issues.
Latent curing agent AJICURETM


Adhesives for electronic materials, Encapsulant, Film products
Adhesives for automobiles, Structural materials
Prepreg, Composite materials such as filament winding
Powder paint


Benefits of introduction

As a latent curing agent, it effectively balances short curing time and pot life for low-temperature curing.
The PN and MY series can be used to create one-component epoxy resin compounds with superior curing properties and long shelf life.
We can also propose applications for resin compounds that can be stored at room temperature in environments where refrigerated storage is difficult.
As a curing accelerator for dicyandiamide, etc., it is also highly effective in lowering the curing temperature and improving the curing speed.
The hydrazide series has an extremely low curing temperature compared to general hydrazide compounds, and offers a variety of unique physical characteristics such as transparency and flexibility.


Superior balance in performance that enables both low temperature curing and long life
Rich lineup of products for a wide range of applications, featuring high heat resistance, high adhesion, flexibility, and transparency
Good stability that enables handling of epoxy resin products under heat, such as during heated coating and impregnation


It has the following lineup and is applied in a wide range of fields such as bonding of electronic components and automotive parts, powder coating, and composite materials such as prepreg.

PN and MY series: Amine adducts
Hydrazide series: Dihydrazide compounds
AH series: Complex system

AJICURETM PN and MY series

Classification Variety Volume added(phr) Curing conditions Life Features
Amine adducts PN-23 20 80degC×30 minutes 1 month Fast curing at low temperature, High heat resistance
PN-H 20 100degC×30 minutes 2 months Modified PN-23 for longer pot life
PN-31 20 100degC×30 minutes 2 months Better better storage stability in bisphenol F epoxy than PN-H
PN-40 20 100degC×30 minutes 3 months Better better storage stability in bisphenol F epoxy than PN-H
PN-50 20 120degC×30 minutes 4 months Good stability at high temperatures
PN-F 20 80degC×30 minutes 1 month PN-23 low chlorine grade
PN-23J 20 80degC×30 minutes 2 weeks Micropulverized PN-23, Good low temperature curing properties
PN-31J 20 80degC×30 minutes 3 weeks Micropulverized PN-31
PN-40J 20 90degC×30 minutes 1 month Micropulverized PN-40, Longer life
MY-24 25 100degC×60 minutes 3 months Better storage properties, High adhesive strength
MY-25 25 110degC×60 minutes 4 months Modified MY-24 for longer shelf life
The period until the viscosity reaches twice the initial viscosity in storage at 40°C when blended with bisphenol A epoxy resin

Comparison of the characteristics of AJICURETM


AJICURETM hydrazide, AH Series

Classification Variety Volume added(phr) Curing conditions Life Features
Hydrazide VDH 41 110degC×60 minutes 1 month Water soluble, Good transparency
VDH-J 41 110degC×60 minutes 1 month Micropulrerized VDH
UDH 48 130degC×60 minutes 3 months Low calorification, High peel strength
UDH-J 48 130degC×60 minutes 3 months Micropulverized UDH
Complex system AH-123 45 120degC×30 minutes 1 month Flexibility added
AH-203 25 90degC×60 minutes 1 month High shear stability, High peel strength
DICY AH-154 9 150degC×60 minutes 3 months High dispersion, Good curing properties
AH-162 11 150degC×60 minutes 3 months High dispersion, Long life in high temperature

AJICURETM hydrazide series


Transparent, colorless cured material
High Tg cured material

White Solid (powder)
Molecular weight: 314g/mol
Active hydrogen equivalent: 78.5g/eq.
Melting point: 120degC
Solubility: More than 100g (For 100g of water)


High peel strength
Low elasticity cured product

White Solid (powder)
Molecular weight: 366g/mol
Active hydrogen equivalent: 91.5g/eq.
Melting point: 160degC
Solubility: Less than 1g (For 100g of water)

Examples and Applications

Realization of one-component epoxy resin compounds with superior low temperature curing properties

Application process

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