Information for running a booth at Display Week 2020, Virtual Exhibition

We would like to inform you of  “Display Week 2020 Virtual Exhibition”. At this exhibition, the developed products for display & backplane are proposed to meet your expectations. We will also make a presentation regarding the developed products at Display Week Symposium. We hope you will come and visit us.

Term of a session

Date:    August 3, 2020 – August 7, 2020 Time:   8:00  - 17:00 (PDT)


Virtual: Online, We would like you to visit “Ajinomoto Fine-Techno” booth in the virtual exhibition.

Products intended for display

“Ajinomoto Build-up Film” (ABF), PLENSET™ series, AFTINNOVA™ series, etc.

Official site

Official site: Registration (Only Exhibition is free)

Symposium presentation

69.4 “Late-News Paper: High-Transparency Adhesive-Encapsulation Film for OLED Device” Tuesday August 4,  Session: OLED Devices Ⅳ