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Insulating Film “Ajinomoto Build-up Film”(ABF)

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vs. Liquid Coating

Excellent Process Efficiency and Easy Handling

Elimination of irregular printing and bubbles which are generated by the liquid resin coating process
Good environmental conditions by eliminating solvent evaporation
Efficient production attained by simultaneous processing on both side of the substrate
No warps even in case of thin boards

vs. Resin-Coated Copper Foil (RCC)

Excellent Fine-Pattern Formation

Easy etching process in the panel plating method because of the free control of the conductivity-body thickness.
No need of extra process such as copper foil removal in the semi-additive process。

Efficient Laser Processing

The process to remove the copper foil from the spot prior to CO2 laser application, which is needed in case of RCC, is not necessary

vs. Photo-Via Materials

High Degrees of Freedom in Designing

Via formation between not only 1-2 layers but 1-3 layers is possible in case plural insulation layers are built up


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Variety Features
GX13 Standard
GX92 Lower surface roughness
GX-T31 Lower CTE & Lower surface roughness
GZ41 Lower CTE, Lower surface roughness & Higher Tg
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Test Condition GX13 GX92 GX-T31 GZ41
CTE x-y (25-150degC) (tensile TMA) 46 39 23 20
CTE x-y (150-240degC) (tensile TMA) 120 117 78 67
Tg (tensile TMA) 156 153 154 171
Tg (DMA) 177 172 172 189
Young’s modulus(GPa) 4 5 7.5 9
Tensile strength(MPa) 93 98 104 120
Elongation(%) 5 5.6 2.4 1.7
Dielectric constant(1MHz/1GHz) 3.6/3.35 3.6/3.3 3.71/3.47 3.4/3.3
Loss tangent(1MHz/1GHz) 0.016/0.012 0.012/0.014 0.0117/0.0114 0.0057/0.0058
Water absorption 100degC,1h(%) 1.1 1 0.6 0.5
LtL HAST 30um (130degC,85%,3.3V) >200h >200 >200 >200
HAST L/S=30/20um (130degC,85%,3.3V) >200h >200 >200 >200
Frame retardancy(UL94) V0 V0 V0 V0
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Detailed Technical Information

Technical data presented in this document are typical experimental values and do not signify any of the products’ specifications. The data may be revised without prior notice.

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+81-44-221-2375The inquiry about this product
The Ajinomoto fine-techno are a company which bears the core of the fine-chemicals enterprise of Ajinomoto groups including insulating material "Ajinomoto Build-up Film"(ABF).
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