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Pigment Dispersing Agent “AJISPER PB881”

The inquiry about this product

“AJISPER” is pigment dispersing agents developed based on AFT’s surface chemistry technology with a
vast reserve of experience. “AJISPER PB881” is a basic type dispersing agent, and suitable to get ideal
dispersion of organic pigments and carbon black.

ChemicalName Co-polymercontaining basic functional groups
M. P. 40-50 deg. C
Appearance Pale yellow flakes
Odor None None
Amine Value 17mgKOH/g
Acid Value 17mgKOH/g
Color(Gardner) 4
Toxicity LD50> 2,000mg/kg(mouse) / quoted from equivalent products data
Solubility/ResinTypes See other tables
CAS No. Trade secret
InventoryStatus on TSCA, on ENCS, on ECL,  on IECSC, on AICS, on NDSL,  on CSNN
Precautions Always follow safeindustrial hygiene practices and wear proper protective equipment whenhandling this compound. Please refer our MSDS  for safety handling.

The properties in this table are typical and don’t represent specification limit.

The inquiry about this product
The Ajinomoto fine-techno are a company which bears the core of the fine-chemicals enterprise of Ajinomoto groups including insulating material "Ajinomoto Build-up Film"(ABF).
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