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Dihydrazide (VDH)

The inquiry about this product

Typical properties

Chemical name 4-isopropyl-2,5-dioxoimidazolidine-1,3-di(propionohydrazide)
Appearance white powder
Specific gravity 1.33
Softening temperature 120deg.C
Solubility (g/water100g 25C) >100
Special features Colorless transparent lustrous cured products
Crosslinking agent for acrylic emulsion
Active hydrogen equivalent weight 78.5
Typical formulation properties
(using as hardener in liquid bisphenol A epoxy resin EEW=190)
Curing conditions 110deg.C-60min.
Pot life at 40deg.C* 1week
Glass transition temperature 130deg.C
Heat of reaction Large
Tensile shear strength (steel/steel) 110kgf/cm2
Appearance of cured products Colorless transparent lustrous

* Pot life : period until initial viscosity doubles at 40deg.C


As a sole curing agent (comparing to ADH*)

Liquid bisphenol A epoxy resin 100 100
ADH* 23
Initial viscosity (mPa s) 45000 33000
Pot life at 40deg.C** (days) 7 >30
Gel time (min) 110deg.C 18.4
130deg.C 6.1 8.5
150deg.C 3.1 14.1
170deg.C 2 3.8
DSC (deg.C) Onset temp. 120 161
Peak temp. 127 173
Cured properties [curing condition] [110deg.C-60min.] [150deg.C-60min.]
Tg(deg.C) 130 140
Tensile shear strength (st/st, kgf/cm2) 116 184
Tensile strength (kgf/cm2) 350 275
Elongation (%) 2.2 2.8
Tensile modulus (kgf/cm2) 18100 13200
Shrinkage (%) 1 1.82
Water uptake(boiling water 1hr) (wt%) 1.08 1.6

* ADH:Adipic dihydrazide
**Pot life : period until initial viscosity doubles at 40deg.C

Technical data presented in this document are typical experimental values and do not signify any of the products’ specifications. The data may be revised without prior notice.

The inquiry about this product
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