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“PLENSET” High-reliability type

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Rapid Curing

They can not only be cured in a conventional oven but also by a flash heating method such as high-frequency induction heating, or IR curing. For instance, high temperature-resistant “PLENSET” is used to bond steel sheets is cured completely by heating with a high-frequency induction heater. It exhibits high adhesiveness and great durability after curing as quickly as any one-component epoxy resin adhesive.

High bonding strength and toughness

The adhesives of this type have high bonding strength against both tensile shear and peeling over a wide range of temperatures, and are most suitable for structural bonding and bonding between different kinds of materials. In particular, flexible “PLENSET” has flexibility and can be used for bonding in places where stresses are generated, such as neodymium magnets.

Long-Term Reliability

In a heat cycle test, a moisture resistance test and a high-temperature aging test, they exhibited durability on the level required of miniature motor magnets mounted in automobiles. In particular, high temperature-resistant “PLENSET” has high reliability, and exhibits superior adhesion retention under severe conditions.


  • Metal (steel, aluminum and other alloys) bonding
  • Motor magnet attachment
  • Coil fixation and protection against wire breakage
  • Neodymium magnet bonding
The inquiry about this product
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