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Aldeo aldehyde adsorbent

The inquiry about this product

Aldeo , an aldehyde adsorbent, can efficiently adsorb and eliminate low-grade aldehyde through a chemical reaction by impregnating activated carbon with special agents. Along with its unique adsorption performance, the product is also very safe and easy to store.

Product and list of general uses

Main use
ADC Acetaldehyde, formaldehyde
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Line of products nap

  Shape Particle size Filling density Hardness Loss on drying
mm g/ml
ADC-1 Pellet 3.350~4.750 90≦ 0.52~0.72 95≦ 15~25
ADC-2 Pellet 5.600≦ 90≦ 0.52~0.72 95≦ 15~25
ADC-3 Pellet 1.700~3.335 90≦ 0.53~0.72 95≦ 15~25
ADC-4 Crush 2.360~4.750 90≦ 0.53~0.72 95≦ 15~25
ADC-5 Crush 0.500~1.700 90≦ 0.53~0.72 95≦ 15~25

Technical data presented in this document are typical experimental values and do not signify any of the products’ specifications. The data may be revised without prior notice.

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The inquiry about this product
The Ajinomoto fine-techno are a company which bears the core of the fine-chemicals enterprise of Ajinomoto groups including insulating material "Ajinomoto Build-up Film"(ABF).
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