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Adsorption resin

The inquiry about this product

Ajinomoto Fine-Techno‘s adsorption resin, like activated carbon, consists of porous adsorbents that are mainly designed for physical adsorption. With a phenol-formaldehyde resin as its main component, functional groups—namely, the amino group and phenolic hydroxyl—coexist with each other. This induces ion exchanges by the functional group in acid and neutral areas, in addition to physical adsorption.

Product and list of general uses

  Main use
HS An amino acid, soy sauce, starch syrup, glucose, honey, saccharide, decoloration of the refined sake, deodorization
PF The iron content removal in food, a medicine
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HS is very effective at decoloring in the processing of soy sauces, amino acids, and many other foods and chemical agents.
It can be repeatedly used through a simple renewal procedure using alkaline.

item Apparent densityMoisture contentParticle sizeEffective diameterUniformity factor
    g/l (%) 1.400~0.355mm mm
HS Company standard 700~780 65~75 85≦ 0.35~0.55 1.8≧
Analysis example 735 71.6 93.6 0.39 1.62
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PF is a weakly acidic cation-exchange resin with a strong affinity for iron ions.
It is mainly effective at eliminating iron, which is chelated with organic substances.

item Apparent densityMoisture contentParticle sizeEffective diameterUniformity factor
    g/l (%) 1.400~0.300mm mm
PF Company standard 700~780 65~80 90≦ 0.3~0.5 1.8≧
Analysis example 735 76.7 95.2 0.37 1.73

Technical data presented in this document are typical experimental values and do not signify any of the products’ specifications. The data may be revised without prior notice.

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The inquiry about this product
The Ajinomoto fine-techno are a company which bears the core of the fine-chemicals enterprise of Ajinomoto groups including insulating material "Ajinomoto Build-up Film"(ABF).
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